Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Raleigh

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Raleigh

Raleigh, the beautiful capital of North Carolina, is a wonderful place to put down roots. People are flocking to the city, thanks to its affordable housing, low cost of living, job security, cultural diversity, and outdoor recreational opportunities. As the city continues to work to restore and revitalize the downtown core, Raleigh promises to offer a vibrant city life for residents of all ages. 

Are you moving to Raleigh? Check out the following list of resources from Athens Moving Experts to get settled in and explore your new neighborhood!

Buying a Home and Moving

Make the home buying process easier for yourself by working with an experienced real estate agent and planning your move well in advance. When researching an agent, be sure they’re intimately familiar with the Raleigh area, including knowing the best schools and shopping. 

Getting Settled In

Before you do anything, get your home set up and make it livable. You can tackle many of these tasks before your move; some can even be done online days or weeks before moving day.

  • Set up utilities services at your new home.
  • Change the locks and secure your home.
  • Update your license and registration if you’re moving from out of state.
  • Review the new resident information on the city website. 
  • If you own a business, you’ll want to consider registering it as a DBA (“doing business as”). ZenBusiness notes that “North Carolina requires your business name to be registered before you begin doing business,” so be sure you check this off your list as soon as possible. 

Finding Your Way Around

Ready to explore Raleigh? Get out and enjoy the city’s urban green space, find popular attractions, taste the local cuisine, and attend a community event.

You’ll love your new home in Raleigh. The city is rich in American history and lush green space, and it’s a very affordable place to live. Whether you’re looking for shopping and entertainment or outdoor recreation, you’ll find the perfect balance in Raleigh!

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