Budgeting for Your Move | How Do You Estimate Moving Costs?

Budgeting for Your Move | How Do You Estimate Moving Costs?

The national average cost for a local move to a new residence in the US is $1,250. On the other hand, a long-distance move will average around $4,900. The cost will go up significantly when you make a cross-country move, however, there are ways to cut down on the cost such as moving smaller items on your own.

So, how do you estimate moving costs? Several of the primary factors are the type of move, the number of belongings you need to transport, and the distance between locations. Furthermore, there are other factors that could impact the total cost such as packing, specialty items/requests, or storage.

How Do You Estimate Moving Costs?

You can choose to move your belongings or hire a moving company to do it for you. You should also factor in the time and effort needed when estimating moving costs. If you’re moving things yourself, how many trips do you need to make to complete the move to your new residence? If you elect for a professional service it should always be one trip! (assuming the inventory is accurate!)

A DIY move can be complicated, especially if you have a lot of furniture and other items to pack, carry, and transport. The distance you need to cover and the quantity of the things you need to deliver are the two most significant factors that drive the cost – don’t forget time is money too! If you’re moving too many items, are limited on time, or lack the proper equipment to handle furniture safely you may be exposing yourself to unnecessary risks; such as injury to yourself, damage to property, or even ruined friendships – it is probably better just to hire a professional moving company in Raleigh

Long-Distance Moving

Moving to an apartment next door or the house around the block may seem easy and can be done on your own, but there are certainly challenges associated with even the most simple move. Nevertheless, with the right equipment and help a DIY approach can potentially save you money (maybe not a headache!). However, moving belongings over 35 miles will not only cost more (usually around the national average mentioned earlier) but also demand much more out of those taking the DIY approach. 

The Volume of Your Items (Inventory)

Apart from the type of move, you will also need to factor in the number of belongings you need to transport. Moving companies usually make their estimates based on an in-depth inventory of the items being moved, including an exact count of boxes. They will also inquire about any specialty items such as pianos, gun safes, exercise equipment, or hot tubs.

Garages, attics, and sheds tend to get overlooked even though they may contain a sizable portion of the items being moved. These rooms may have larger pieces such as a fridge, tool chest, and other items which could be unique and/or heavy. 

The Type and Size of Your Moving Vehicle

The size of the moving vehicle that will be used for the move will be a crucial factor when determining moving costs. For example, if you’re hiring a moving container (renting a truck or van without a driver), the national average rental fee for a local move will be around $130. On the other hand, if you’re going long-distance the cost can be around $1,780 on average. The cost will go higher if you need to use a larger vehicle or go farther. 

Time of the Year

Spring and summer are the peak seasons for moving to a new home in the US. You can therefore expect moving costs to rise due to the enormous demand for moving vehicles and other related services. In addition, weekend moves also tend to be more expensive compared to a week-day move with most moving companies, however at Athens Moving Experts our rates are consistent and never fluctuate. But we strongly recommend booking your move approximately one month in advance during the busy season.

Value Protection and Other Fees

Moving companies in the state of North Carolina offer two types of value protection: 

  • Basic Value Protection
    • Free
    • Limited protection
    • Included on every move
  • Full Value Protection
    • Additional cost
    • Based on the size of the move

Moving specialty items such as antiques, pianos, gun safes, or hot tubs can also raise the moving costs. These items must be mentioned and noted prior to the move as they require specific movers, preparation, and equipment.

Trust the North Carolina Moving Experts

Do you need help estimating the cost of your move? At Athens Moving Experts, we have specialists who can give you a good ballpark estimate of your moving costs. We’ve helped thousands of customers since 2015, providing them peace of mind through reliable expert moving services.

Moving costs can vary contingent on the size of the job, location and distance.

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