How Smart Storage Solutions Stretch Your Budget and Make the Most of Your Space

How Smart Storage Solutions Stretch Your Budget and Make the Most of Your Space

Do you have more stuff than you know what to do with? Are you ready to dig in and declutter? Or are you planning a move to a smaller space (with help from Athens Moving Experts!) and anticipating needing some creative storage solutions? Thankfully, staying organized and on top of clutter is easy with a handful of smart strategies. Check out these storage solutions that are light on space and won’t do any serious damage to your wallet.

Identify Problem Areas

Narrowing down your focus is the best first step in getting ahead of your clutter. Whether you’re looking for creative ways to organize a small home or if your home simply lacks storage, by identifying some particulars, you can dig in with resolutions. Where specifically do you need to improve storage? Is your kitchen out of control? Does the living room look disheveled? Could your closets use a facelift? There are stylish (and affordable) storage options at retailers to fit every room, and you can jump in by exploring offers which you can use online or in the store.

Space Expanders

Your square footage isn’t really going to grow, but you can make the most of what you have with some clever space stretchers. For example, instead of a bulky jewelry box, one idea is to add a cork board to an empty wall to hang jewelry. An attractive frame turns it into pretty wall art! Looking to free space in your closets or empty your old bookcases? Craftsy Hacks recommends installing shelving around the perimeter of a room. Books, shoes, and purses can be stored attractively, or you can use totes, baskets, or boxes to keep clutter controlled and looking good. You can find stylish options for storage and shelving at retailers like Target, and you can make use of Target coupons to help keep these purchases within your budget.

Another way to add closet-style storage is to make better use of the corners of your bedroom. You can install a clothes rack in a corner to maximize the area. Think in terms of creating a display instead of making the space appear cramped. Color-coordinate what you hang, or select outfits, dresses, or coats that work especially well with the look of the room. Top off the area with some shelves for more storage over the rack, and you’ll be amazed by how much more you can fit into your space! Pinch pennies while revamping space with online discounts from big retailers like Amazon, which will deliver straight to your door.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of having your TV mounted either! By mounting your TV to the wall you can free up floor space and even get rid of bulky furniture, plus it adds an air of modernism. Nationally, the average cost to have a TV mounted, with parts and labor, can run anywhere from $150 to $600 — not cheap. See if you can find a highly-rated mount and kit that comes with step by step instructions so you can do it yourself.

Think Outside the Box — Literally!

Stowing things in boxes or drawers leads to a hidden pile of clutter and chaos. Thinking of alternative uses for everyday items can open up a world of organizational and storage options! Here are some ideas from Listotic to help you with some common clutter conundrums:

  • Kitchen, craft, and office supplies: Turn a wine rack into a desktop or countertop organizer by putting cups for catch-alls in the bottle holders.
  • Ribbons for crafts or gifts: Slide ribbon rolls over a freestanding paper towel holder to keep your ribbons handy, see colors conveniently, and use minimal tabletop space.
  • Plastic food storage lids: These things are a kitchen classic for getting out of control; slip a CD rack into a drawer or cupboard and use the slots for lids.
  • Baseball hats and tank tops: No more seeing these things sliding around in drawers and piling on shelves; install shower curtain rings on a traditional clothes hanger and loop the rings through arm holes or the back of caps.

Once you have everything squared away, you might decide that your home could use some cleaning — professionally! And working a maid service into your budget isn’t too difficult if you use it sparingly. Connect with a local cleaning service with a solid reputation and prices that fit your budget. Consider it your reward for a job well done!

If you want to take your refresh a step further, consider giving your furniture a deep clean by working with a furniture cleaning company. You can search for top-rated pros near you with the experience and reputation to back up their work. Be sure to ask about the types of cleaning products used, and whether the cleaning comes with a warranty. Having newly cleaned furniture in your new cleaned and organized home will make the whole space feel rejuvenated.

Corralling clutter never was easier! Look for where your problem areas are, find space where you thought you had none, and think outside the box when organizing. These insanely smart solutions are easy on your budget, look terrific, and make the most of the space you have.