Tips for Hosting Your Open House

Tips for Hosting Your Open House

You’ve put a lot into your home over the years. But now you’re planning to move, and it’s time to sell. Your open house can be crucial to your sales prospects. Read on for tips from Athens Moving Experts on how to ace this event. 

Reduce clutter

One of the main reasons a house doesn’t sell is too much clutter. Unfortunately, many homeowners have developed a blind spot about the state of their interior, but clutter can be off-putting to buyers. When decluttering, make sure that the theme of every room is clear and straightforward. A kitchen should have a clean countertop and a table that is either empty or set for dinner. A living room should have the expected sofa and television and maybe books on shelves, but not much else.

Decluttering works because a room with less items will look larger and more attractive to home buyers. Keep in mind that most buyers want to envision themselves and their furniture in your home. The more open and uncluttered your rooms are, the easier it is for them to see themselves in your home. 

Clean and paint

Many real estate authorities will tell you not to remodel when you get ready to sell. Remodeling before a sale is dangerous because you don’t know if your potential buyers will even appreciate the improvement, and you could lose money on the project. 

You should, however, give the house a thorough cleaning both inside and out. And because of those blind spots, it’s a good idea to hire professionals. According to Thumbtack, most homeowners spend between $140 and $180 on cleaning services. It’s also a good idea to hire someone to pressure wash the outside of your house. Pressure washing is inexpensive and has the added value of removing paint chips, which are a red flag for buyers.

The one exception to making improvements in advance of your open house is painting. Painting is relatively easy, and you can repaint your interior in two or three weekends. A new coat of paint gives you the opportunity to take advantage of color trends. Painting your bedrooms a light, earth-inspired shade of blue, green, or even pink can help your home sell more quickly, according to Clever. The site further warns you should avoid all dark colors, especially black, brown, red, and yellow. As an alternative, you can refresh select walls by applying removable (and repositionable) wallpaper that needs nothing more than water to stick. Companies like Spoonflower have beautiful, nature-inspired options in the same muted shades you’d choose if you were painting.

Curb appeal

When realtors use the term “curb appeal,” they are talking about the visual appeal of the house from the street. Curb appeal is important because many buyers spend their weekends cruising open houses, and it’s easy for them to blow off a house if it doesn’t make a good first impression. 

If home buyers see chipping paint and a weedy lawn, it will scare them off, or they may come in with a low-ball offer. Take a hard look at the front of your house and yard from the street. If you see any loose pieces of siding, secure it down. If any weeds are sprouting, cut them. Make sure the doorway is inviting. You can even place some plants on the porch.

Now, get out of the house

The last but possibly most important thing to do before your open house is to leave. Your realtor will recommend it, and you should take his advice. If you’re at your open house, buyers won’t feel like they can talk openly about the house in front of you. They may not even feel like they can ask questions, and that can kill a sale. Use the time to relax and take your time off the home-selling process by meeting up with some friends, grabbing a solo cup of coffee, or catching a movie. 

You only get one open house, so make sure your house looks its absolute best. Clean and declutter, make simple and inexpensive updates, and then turn your house over to your agent to enjoy the afternoon off. Soon, your home will be off the market, and you’ll be ready to book your relocation services with Athens Moving Experts!