Recently, Wake County became the 46th most populous county in the United States, reaching the significant milestone of 1,000,000 residents in 2014. It is important to stop and consider why this milestone was reached, and why Wake County (1 of 100 counties in the state) has more than 10% of the state’s population. However, it does not take too much investigating to realize what the secret is…sure, there are plenty of parks, shopping centers, entertainment, and other things to do – but the secret sauce has more to it: Wake County is built by its people. Wake County is special because from the day you step foot outside after moving into to your new home, there is something special in the air (other than the humidity that sometimes makes your hair stand on its end) and it is the positive, ambitious attitude and mentality of the residents, of OUR NEIGHBORS

Sure, we experience all four seasons to a fault at times (sometimes more than one season in a single day), but the interactions you get throughout the day, oftentimes from complete strangers, is what sets Wake County apart. The opportunity for business and growth mirror that of a big, traffic ridden city; yet the respect for each other’s individual hustle and grind is unlike many of those cities. The appreciation is genuine, the love is real, and Wake County is THE place to be.

While the county is growing at a rate of 64 people per week, it is more important than ever to do business with companies who have your best interest at heart and employ hard-working, passionate employees. At Athens Moving Experts, we take pride in being more than movers, striving to connect with customers on a personal level and cater to their specific and unique needs or circumstances. Rather than just show up and toss items in a truck, AME goes the extra mile for customers by sticking to the commitments we made to ourselves and our community, regardless of the obstacles, adversity, and barriers that attempt to get in our way. 

We are committed to: 

  • clear communication & transparency with our customers
  • taking care of each customer’s belongings as if they were our own
  • outworking the competition each and every day. 

Rain or shine, clear skies or snow, 100 degree days or freezing cold…AME GETS THE JOB DONE AT AN UNMATCHED QUALITY, INTENSITY, AND PASSION – LETS KEEP IT MOVING!